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We are exporters of diversified jute product in quantity. Jute is 100% bio-degradable and ecofriendly. Jute production is 100 % free from toxic gases. Our products are designed and fabricated using hi-quality raw materials and advance technology in adherence to international standards.


Yarn & twisted Yarn

Jute is a natural fiber,two major manufactured products are Jute Yarn and Jute twine. Jute yarn is very useful for producing various extended jute products. Jute yarn and jute twine is well known for its softness.


Jute bag

The biggest problem in our world today is pollution. Mostly which is done by plastic bags. Jute bags are natural, bio-degradable healthy and sustainable. Bangladesh produces high quality jute bags to meet global demand.



The fibers are woven into curtains, chair coverings, carpets and area rugs and also blended with other fibers, both synthetic and natural. The finest threads can be separated out and made into imitation silk. Jute is blend-able with wools.

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